Residential Solar Installation in Tucson, AZ

It is a known fact by now that Solar energy is favourable for the environment, eco-friendly, and helps save money, along with a myriad of advantages. It is all due to the proposals of the government authorities that more people are getting aware of going solar advantages.

Still, the one thing that holds many of us back is the cost involved in the upfront installation of solar systems. But, in the long run, the money that’s needed for the initial setup is nothing when compared to the kind of savings that a solar system offers.

To add to that, the incentives offered by the government to homeowners and businesses make installation of the solar rooftop in Tucson even easier.

If this grabs your attention, you will love the info that’s about to follow. Dive in and know about the solar rooftop in Tucson – prices, savings, and why to choose Pima Solar, who are located in Southern Arizona and has helped many homeowners in developing the perfect system for their homes. You can know more about them at

Prices & Savings

With the ongoing tax credits offered by both local and federal governments and cash rebates, the savings can be huge. These are in place to ensure early and faster adoption of solar installation and won’t last forever.

Also, if you are using Tucson Electric Power, then you are in luck. As TEP offers as much as 3 times for the extra energy you send back than other electricity providers in the neighbourhood.

Also, a typical solar installation comes with a 25-year warranty, which makes it worth the money, as most of the projects have a break-even period of 2-5 years, ensuring free electricity for two decades or more.

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Why Choose Us?

We have in-house licensed and skilled solar designers, technicians, and electricians who prioritize knowing the needs of customers and delivering on their promises.

We truly value our relationships with our customers and aim to make your experience to solar pleasant by offering you different options that make sense and help you meet your specific goals. Know more about us at

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