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What means can be used for the payment of the deed? It may happen that a buyer intends to pay the price of a real estate sale with a bank check. In these cases, a situation of embarrassment is created for both the seller and the notary; let’s see why.

Cashier’s check or bank draft?

The cashier’s check is issued by a credit institution upon debiting the corresponding sum to be paid by the applicant. The bank cheque, on the other hand, represents a promise of payment that the drawer makes to the borrower: if the bank current account of the drawer has sufficient funds for payment, the check will be duly paid to the borrower; if, on the other hand, the current account does not have the funds necessary for the payment of the cheque, the latter will be protested and the borrower will have an enforceable title with which he can start an enforcement procedure

Why is a cashier’s check equivalent to cash?

The cashier’s check, unlike the bank cheque, guarantees payment as it is issued by the bank only upon payment of the corresponding sum to cover the check itself. The sum is then kept by the bank and will be delivered to the borrower at his simple request.

Benefits of a real estate agent

A professional real estate agent can guarantee competent advice for the sale of a property: he analyzes the conditions of the building, evaluates the neighborhood in which it is located and determines the sale price. After that, he organizes visits with interested parties, discusses the details of the sale and also conducts contract negotiations.

Attention:  intermediary agents do not require particular training or specific authorisations. In few states anyone can define themselves as a broker and collect commissions once the sale has gone through. Therefore, it is more than desirable to get well informed about who is hired to sell their properties. What are the aspects to pay attention to? How to best proceed in choosing a mediator? Our free fact sheet provides you with valuable advice.

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