How much does a rental house make? When Should You Buy?

Many wonder how much a rental house makes and if the actual income  is adequate and not lower than the taxes that an owner is required to pay when buying a property.

It is necessary to evaluate some  parameters , such as the IMU and the net income from the rent. Let’s see in detail  how much a rental house makes , if  it is convenient to rent it  and through which  types of contract.

According to the real estate market,  renting a house  is a form of productive investment. Currently the purchase of a house allows a  saving of 20%  and the collection of 25-30%. Renting is a  dynamic and  advantageous market  , which allows the owner to make a second home income, counting on a considerable income and tax breaks.

By leasing a property, a  monthly fee is obtained , which allows you to make a profit.

The  rental market  is currently cheaper and more in demand than the sales market, because it consists of advantages for both the lessor and the owner

Furthermore,  the times for stipulating the contract  are also much faster than when choosing to buy a house.


To understand how much  to rent a house for,  you need to take into consideration the elements that affect the final price of the lease. Certainly, to ensure that the property is rented, the  advantages  for both parties must be considered and an analysis of some  factors  such as:

The value of the cadastral income of the property

Lease of the property


Transportation services


Only by considering these aspects can it be determined what is the  cost  at which it is convenient to rent a house. Of course, if the area is in great demand, the cost of renting the property will be higher than in a peripheral area.


A formula in great demand nowadays is that of  short-term rentals , the duration of which is at most 18 months. To date, many resort to short-term rent, a widespread trend and allows those who rent it to obtain multiple advantages.

There is a  temporary rental contract,  which allows you to lighten the bureaucratic practices related to management.

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