Guide to Tips for Renting a Minibus

Renting a minibus to move many people to an event, trip, or vacation is a great idea. Minibuses offer more convenience and comfort than when many cars are crammed together by having room for 8-15 passengers. However, renting a minibus also entails more things to think about and responsibilities than renting any other type of vehicle.

Research reputable companies

The first thing you should do is research minibus rental singapore companies in your area.  Reputable national chains can give you standard amenities while local companies could offer more personal services. Avoid unverified entities or vehicles that appear worn.

Get references if using a driver

Some rental companies have chauffeured mini buses with drivers included, although they cost more. If you decide to go this way, ensure that the driver has been scrutinized properly by getting referrals from other clients who have used them before.

Know who can drive

Some may limit driving to just this person, who should be specified upon booking if you want other team members to take turns behind the steering wheel throughout long road trips such as ones involving minibus hire. So please ensure everyone in your group can drive it before picking up the car.

Conduct a walk around inspection

Never think that just because there is already a checklist provided by the rental firm alone means that the vehicle was not damaged or there will not be any problems. Do your thorough inspection before leaving the lot. Look out for any scratches/dents before renting, tire conditions, working lights, fluid leaks or internal marks present.

Respect size limitations

In urban areas or narrow country lanes, smaller streets may be difficult for mini buses to squeeze through or make tight turns on. Avoid routes and parking situations where the vehicle’s large size will become problematic. Please do not assume that it can fit everywhere your car can go. Before attempting tricky maneuvers, drop off passengers if necessary.

Mind the height!

Garage entrances, bridges overhead while driving by or even drive-thrus can quickly become hazards when piloting one of these tall vehicles. Like mini buses are used as a means of transportation instead, so check those clearance signs out and don’t take chances! Also, when parking, look above for branches that stick out, which could scratch your roof well, too; always better safe than sorry here as well.


Refrain from returning the minibus dirty, please; not only would it be rude, but it would also incur extra cleaning charges.Trash should be picked up by passengers after each ride taken in here, as well as any other kind of messes inside these compartments here in particular that have been left behind, like underneath seats or between cracks.

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