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Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

It’s a normal Saturday morning and your family is getting ready to head out when suddenly you hear a screeching sound coming from the garage. It sounds like something might be wrong with your garage door. You quickly walk over to take a look, and sure enough, the garage door has fallen off its track at the bottom. Here are the maintenance tips for your garage door.

The garage door is a heavy object

Garage doors are heavy and need proper support to stay. Stretched or worn out tracks may not support the weight of your garage doors, which can result in dropping it on the ground. A dent to your garage door can cost you at least $500 so that’s why it is important to regularly inspect and maintain it.

Check the tracks for dents

The first step to maintaining your garage door is checking for loosening and dents in the tracks and springs. Use a torch to check carefully along the track for any weak spots. When you find a weak spot, add more tension or replace the damaged sections of the track.

Look out for frozen tracks

When your garage door is exposed to freezing temperatures or you live in a cold climate, check the tracks to make sure they are not frozen. This can damage the garage door.

The springs and cables must be properly aligned

Garage Door

The springs should be aligned with each other by loosening or tightening the screws where they are attached to the header on each side before adjusting them. Check that there is no kink in any of the springs.

Inspect the rollers along the track

The garage door rollers are important for smooth operation of your garage door. Check for any rust or wear and replace them if you find any.

Firmly tighten the locks on both sides of the garage door panels

The tracks should be well tightened by a professional, but make sure to tighten the screws of the tracks on both sides of your garage door panels to avoid them loosening again.

The weather stripping around the garage door panels

Check the weather stripping along the seams of your garage door. Remove any debris and replace it with new weather stripping.

Check for loose bolts and screws in the hinges

It is important to check for loose bolts and screws along the hinges of your garage door as only a minor issue can lead to damage of your garage door panels or even personal injury  Previous post Crucial Criteria for Selecting Escorts
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