The Most Recent GOCA Filing By Ohio Valley Gas Covers These Charges Through 2023

The state of Ohio is a deregulated energy market, meaning that consumers can choose their own supplier for natural gas. This competition among energy suppliers leads to a variety of competitively priced plans, with perks such as excellent contract terms, reward programs and more. To find the best plan for you, simply enter your zip code into our comparison tool.

Before deregulation, pipeline companies bundled their natural gas with the cost of transporting it to local utility distribution companies known as local distribution companies or LDCs. After 1992, a groundbreaking Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order opened the door to deregulation and let customers shop for their own supplier. In Ohio, residential and commercial consumers can choose their own energy supply from a list of approved providers.

columbia gas ohio is one of Ohio’s most popular and reputable local distribution companies that provides natural gas to residential and commercial customers. Almost 2 million homes and businesses receive service from the company. The company’s services include distribution of gas, meter reading and billing, safety services and maintenance of the infrastructure that delivers the gas to homes and businesses.

In addition to its traditional natural gas supply, the company offers its customers a choice of alternative natural gas supplies through its Customer CHOICE program. Customers who participate in the program can select a non-utility supplier for their gas supply through an online application, and can receive discounts on energy-saving measures and home energy assessments to reduce costs.

To qualify for the CHOICE program, you must have a valid Ohio utility account that has been active for two years and has not been disconnected for nonpayment, fraud or tampering. You also must not have had a late bill more than twice in the past year. In addition, you must make a minimum $100 deposit. This is refundable after 12 months of service.

The CHOICE program allows you to save money on your natural gas supply, while still maintaining the benefits of local distribution service. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio lists the full current approved list of suppliers and eligibility. Before selecting a supplier, evaluate pricing options through our CHOICE calculator and review the contract terms, including price cap, termination fee, early cancellation fee and more.

Before you begin shopping for a supplier, be sure to have your Columbus Natural Gas customer account number handy. This 15 digit number is found on your bill. Then, when you enter your information into our comparison tool, we’ll display the price of the SCO, as well as all other retail gas supplier rates that are available in your area.

The base rates on your utility bill cover “non-gas” costs that a utility must pay, such as operational expenses and infrastructure maintenance. PUCO approves these charges to earn an acceptable return on investment for its natural gas distribution system. The most recent GOCA filing by Ohio Valley Gas covers these charges through 2023.