Selling Your House for a Discount

Are you thinking of selling your house and wondering if offering a discount is wise in order to “speed up the sale?” While discounts can generate interest and drive potential buyers towards it, they might not feel enough pressured by discounts to make an offer on it.

Other factors to consider include the type of buyer you may find, the condition of your home and whether or not you need to sell quickly. It is possible to offer a discount on your house if you know how and when to do so. Click here for our resource library:

Construction and Aesthetics

One of the most significant considerations when discounting your house is its features (and whether it’s worth selling). While an attractive house with a stunning view may justify asking for a premium price, if there are flaws such as cracked foundation or poor wiring you might need to offer a discount.

Your house’s condition can impact not only how quickly it sells, but also the amount received in return.

Be sure to account for any discounts that could reduce its sale price.


When discounting your house, the type of buyer you attract is essential. If you are selling your property, select buyers with time and funds to spend researching properties and agreeing on a price before making an offer.

You could potentially draw in unsavory buyers-those who don’t have your best interests at heart or are simply searching for a deal-who would buy your house at a low price and then attempt to resell it at a higher value.


Selling your house doesn’t always necessitate a hasty sale. In some cases, taking time might prove more advantageous than cutting prices too soon. For instance, if you must sell quickly due to financial hardship, taking a hit on price could be preferable than selling for less than its true worth.


Never offer discounts to your house too quickly or drastically. Instead, offer them on a one-time basis or when an interested buyer expresses serious interest in purchasing your property. Likewise, negotiate in a way that works best for you if an offer has already been accepted and needs to be sold quickly; consider accepting a lower price than what was initially proposed.

Type of Buyer

When discounting your property, it is essential to consider who might be interested in purchasing it. For instance, if the house is older and in an area with many young families, people looking for a place to raise their children might be willing to purchase your house at a reduced price.