Illinois Natural Gas And Illinois Power

Illinois Energy deregulation has allowed consumers to have numerous options when it comes electricity and gas providers. This means that you can compare prices to find the most affordable price for your electric or gas supply.

Nicor Natural Gas

You can purchase your natural gas supply from an alternative supplier in many parts of the state. This is called an Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS). These suppliers are registered with Ameren Illinois and certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission to provide natural gas supply services to small and large-scale businesses as well as residents.

These AGS can help you save money on your gas bills by offering a competitive price for your natural gas supply. They also provide you with a variety of options on how you pay your gas bill, including fixed rates, flat monthly bills, and even a per therm price plan.

If you decide to utilize an AGS make sure you read their contract carefully so you know what you’re entering into. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your local gas company to talk to an expert about your options.

Illinois Power

You can get your power supply from a different retail electric provider (AGS) when your business or home are supplied by an electric cooperative, municipal owned and controlled distribution electric company or electric cooperative. These providers can provide competitive prices for your electricity and may sometimes include green or renewable options.

If you are a member of a township, municipal, or county electric aggregate system, you can also opt to have your electricity purchased through an AGS. This allows customers to buy electricity from an alternate supplier which can help you save money on your electric bill.

Nicor Rates

In a news release issued recently released, the Illinois Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) said nicor is seeking a $9 per month increase for natural gas customers. According to the company it is the cost of purchasing and shipping natural gas has increased 61 cents per thermom this year due to the increase in wholesale prices, increased costs for liquefied natural gas and the war in Ukraine.

The PIRG director stated that the rise in heating costs will have significant impact on your winter heating. According to the organization, the average residential customer will spend more than $970 on heat this winter, nearly twice the price of the same time last year.

Many people still make use of natural gas to heat their homes, despite the high cost of natural gas. Natural gas consumption can be as high as 10 times greater during the winter months than during the summer.

This is why it’s crucial to look at gas prices before selecting a supplier. The PIRG director said that some AGS had falsely claimed to be affiliated with the utility or government organizations. However, it is not illegal for them to do this. In addition, he said that certain AGS also misrepresent their offers in an effort to gain your business.